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Eclectic interests, one passion

I hope you will enjoy my education posts for teachers, librarians, students and parents. From teaching 21 century skills, ESL, French, media studies, gifted classes, and special education; to studying Spanish as a third language and my ongoing pursuit of creative writing, I love the intersection of learning with excitement.

One thing cuts through these eclectic pursuits: a passion for creative expression in every format whether they be my students’ creations or my own. Academia is built on certain assumptions, including the assumption that analysis trumps synthesis in the hierarchy of thinking. Resisting these assumptions is one reason I became a teacher.

Why I became a grad school dropout

I hold a degree in French and English literature from the university of Toronto, and a master’s degree in comparative literature. Acceptance in the PhD. program was automatic had I stayed but academia was too dry for me. As a creative type, I’m happier stirring up excitement for reading, writing, and digital learning than writing academic papers. Not to knock critical theory, but if I return to academia, it will be for practical education research. The application of cognitive science to teaching and learning fascinates me, and I would love to be involved in that kind of program.

Education Posts

Towards the end of a recent self-funded sabbatical, the idea of writing a book took hold of me. I planned out potential chapters, started to research education reformers like Sir Ken Robinson on the subject of creativity, and even mapped out an outline which would include chapters on my experiences writing, producing and directing plays with students.

When I returned to work, priorities shifted from theory back to teaching kids. Writing a book about creativity in learning and teaching is still an ambition of mine, but not without further study and input from experts in the field. Teachers are extremely busy and have little time to read theory books. Anything fit to publish must be immediately useful and provocative.

Digital platforms or a traditional book

The more I learn about digital education, the more I become convinced that a book might not be the right format for my research and practical insights. That is why after abandoning my “Creative Teacher Librarian” website for a while, I find myself returning online to explore my obsession with optimizing education. Expect further posts on this subject, as well as new first-person narratives from students and grownups in my Wattpad book, I Wish My Teacher Knew.

Have your say

If you have an interesting story or anecdote about being a student, consider contributing to my Wattpad book, I Wish My Teacher Knew. So far most chapters are individual accounts about school life, but I also have an interview comparing the Canadian and Japanese school systems. Wattpad counts 40 million members worldwide, so this online platform is a great place to get your story heard, and a great place to look for diversity of opinion.

Please contact me if you would like your story added so I can dedicate a chapter to you. I also like to include video interviews if you prefer speaking to writing. Wattpad chapters tend to be short. Think in terms of one important anecdote about your school experience. Society constructs culture out of story, and by sharing our stories we can inspire teachers and learners, and improve education.

Feeding Frenzy is my Watty award-winning young adult novel on Wattpad.

Cliffhanger Castle, a serial anthology experiment, and the first story of its kind on Wattpad.

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