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Suck – Not!

Friday, I went to the premiere of Suck, written and directed by Rob Stefaniuk. How could I pass up a satire about rock ‘n’ roll vampires? This movie is full of little clins d’oeil to rock fans, while at the

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Enchanted? (Spoilers ahead)

I recently watched Disney’s new fairy tale spoof, Enchanted. After Shrek my expectations were high. The preview looked funny. I was in the mood for a good time. I wanted to see Susan Sarandon as the evil queen. Sarandon did

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“The Revenge of Pocahantas”

I like the sound of the 7th annual ImagineNative Media Arts Festival. This year’s edition is called “The Revenge of Pocahantas” and features Maori filmmaker, activist and actor, Merata Mita. The festival takes place from October 18-22. There will be

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Passionate and Personal

— If you make something passionate and personal enough, it can be somebody’s favorite movie.(Christine Vachon, Producer: Infamous, Hedwid and the Angry Inch…) This quote was made at a Q&A for Velvet Goldmine and it’s one of my favorites from

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Favorite Writing Books – For Screen

Telling It by Anne Frank (ed.) Alternative Scriptwriting: Writing Beyond the Rules by Ken Dancyger & Jeff Rush Feature Filmmaking at Used Car Prices by Rick Schmidt Screenplay by Syd Field Writing the Second Act by Michael Halperin Lew Hunter’s

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