Guest Posts by Maaja Wentz

Guest posts by Maaja Wentz

What happens when fantasy and science fiction tropes invade the murder mystery? While fans of realism may not be tempted by Jessica Jones or iZombie, these shows mirror a larger trend in which young protagonists and fantasy tropes are transforming traditional programming, while putting a youthful spin on the mystery genre.

(From “Something is Going to Happen,” the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Blog)

“Classic Murder Mystery Gets a Comic-Book Reboot” (by Maaja Wentz)


How do new writers keep inspired and keep working over the course of a daunting project like a novel? Reading this is nostalgic for me since I’ve come a long way since writing this post. As of April 2018, I have published my first novel, and Feeding Frenzy has received over 141 000 reads on Wattpad. What hasn’t changed is the need to get up and work early in the morning. It’s just my best time of day for creative projects.

(From Historical Fiction Author, Elaine Cougler’s blog)

How Do You Keep Your Inspiration?