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Mar 17

I will be investigating this online reading convention in April.

Sep 01

Spark Book Review: The Science of Exercise and the Brain

Changing thinking about exercise and the brain Written by bestselling author and psychiatrist John J. Ratey with Eric Hagerman, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain is a positive book that looks at how exercise can improve neuroplasticity, learning, and executive function. It suggests exercise as a helpful addition to medication, or sometimes even a replacement …

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Apr 24

10 Reasons Writers Benefit From Conventions


10 Reasons Speculative Fiction Writers Benefit From Conventions Do you read or write speculative fiction such as fantasy, horror, science fiction, magic realism or slipstream? Consider the benefits of attending a fan convention. I know what you might be thinking. The stereotype of conventions is that they are full of movie fans in Klingon costumes like something …

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Feb 22

Why your chapter book makes me angry

  I read a lot of books as a teacher-librarian, and I’m no literary snob when it comes to children’s fiction. I’m delighted to see children reading series fiction, and the kind of stories that will be called genre fiction when they are older: adventure, fantasy, mystery, science fiction. I’m happy to see them devour cookbooks, sports …

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Oct 31

Top 5 Favorite Halloween Costumes

Do you love costumes? I love Halloween parties and dressing in creative costumes when I go to school (as a teacher-librarian). Here are five of my favorite costumes: Animal Costumes Panda. When pandas came from China to the Toronto Zoo, I wanted to dress up in their honour. The fun part of this costume is suggesting a panda face with …

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Sep 23

Reading this Friday for Culture Days

I will be one of many readers this Friday for Culture Days with the WCDR. If you happen to be in Toronto, you might like to check it out.

Jun 07

Future Library: Message to the future

What will humanity be reading in a century? Will paper books still be read? Visionary author Margaret Atwood is the first to contribute a secret story to Future Library, a unique 100-year artwork. Designed by Scottish artist Katie Paterson, Future Library is a real place, created for Oslo, Norway. Part of this project is a forest of 1000 trees, planted …

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May 24

Author Bio and Bloor West Writers

I was recently accepted as a judge for the Mash Stories Competition. The Mash Competition appeals to my fascination with randomly inspired art, and artistic experiment. Each quarter, Mash posts three unrelated words. Participants incorporate these words into 500 word stories of any type. It’s not necessarily Dada poetry, but in the right hands, it certainly could be! …

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May 03

What is a Serial Thriller Anthology?

Is this Wattpad’s First Serial Anthology? This project is a paranormal thriller with a twist – author collaboration in a serial anthology. If you have ever wanted to read a suspense novel that combines mystery with lots of surprises, this innovative novel, the first of its kind on Wattpad. Exciting writers compete to display their unique style, in conjunction with …

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Apr 25

WCDR Reading “Words of the Season”

I will be reading at Words of the Season in Pickering Tuesday night. There will be music, prose, and poetry, by dedicated local artists. Admission is free and all are welcome! Details: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 6:30 pm… Bear (A Firkin Pub) located at 1294 Kingston Road Pickering, Ontario. (Liverpool and Kingston Road, just east of …

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