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Oct 14

lullibies for little criminals

Lullabies for Little Criminals is unique. For days I’ve been trying to decide how to approach this review. If I outlined the plot, you would think it’s depressing. It isn’t. It’s a charming, hopeful tale about a motherless thirteen-year-old with an immature, heroin-addicted dad. It’s also about childhood’s irrepressible happiness. I’ve never read a story about …

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Sep 11

It’s not why we read but…

The results are in from Test the Nation and there’s good news for bookworms. The highest scorers were those who read fiction and literature, followed closely by readers of SF and Fantasy! People who played word games daily or a few times a week did much better in general than people who never play them. …

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Sep 10

Test the Nation: Watch Your Language!

This is a CBC show which allows you to test your knowledge from the comfort of your chesterfield. The studio contestants included: The Celebrities, The Romance Writers, The English Teachers, The Sorority and Fraternity Students, The language gamers, The Comedians and the Ad Writers. The winner overall was a seventeen-year-old who is already publishing crosswords …

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Feb 07

Secrets from the Vinyl Cafe

I’m a fan of Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe radio show. His stories are entertaining, usually funny and they have a quality I struggle with in my own writing: heart. It’s situation comedy but he makes you care. McLean’s characters, snug in their tight-knit community, are always involved in each others’ lives. It’s a welcome antidote …

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