Spies are From Mars – The Horse can see the barn!

Have you ever had a feeling of regret as you finished reading a book? You knew you would miss the characters and their stories, as if they were old friends. Well, it’s a little different when you are writing the book. Sure, I’m a little sorry to finish rewriting Spies are from Mars, but I’m happy about it too. Today I reached page 223 of my manuscript, which adds up to 66 700 words out of  between 70 000 and 90 000, depending on the editing process.

It’s exhilarating when you get close to the end and the writing goes faster, like taking a trail ride when the horse suddenly sees the barn and gallops towards it. Nothing can stop it or slow it, especially not a newbie like me, hanging on with arms and legs any way I can.

Note: In my metaphorical version of this story, the horse does not stop fast when it reaches the barn and send me flying over its head.

Update: Aug. 14, 2013. The new draft is done. Stats: 74 100 words/ 247 pages.


Maaja Wentz loves writing page-turning imaginative fiction. She is a prize-winning author of poetry, articles, and short stories. Her novel, Feeding Frenzy, is a Wattpad featured story and a Watty award winner. A teacher-librarian and avid reader, Maaja enjoys reviewing books. Amazon Page  

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3 comments on “Spies are From Mars – The Horse can see the barn!
  1. I totally get this! I love the “almost done” energy boost. I hope yours lasts through the edits.

  2. Maaja Wentz says:

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  3. Maaja Wentz says:

    Thanks Carolyn. I’m looking forward to the fall so we can get back to critiquing. As of this moment, I have 244 pages done (73 000+ words) with only one last chapter to go!

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