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Eulalie Confronts Philip Kgosana

These promo photos for “Eulalie and the Great March,” by Flora Stohr-Danziger, were taken by Duncan McAllister. I am directing the Saturday ‘Experiment,’ part of the New Ideas Festival 2007. For more information about my show on March 10, or

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Crispy crunchy return

Thanks to “Anonymous” for your comment. This is a site on the Internet that could have been designed for me. Use it to name your own cereal. I’ve chosen the obvious but you don’t have to. Try the link and

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Hooray! My computer is all better…

My motherboard died but thanks to my charming husband and the local computer repair shop, I can print, email and surf again. Thank goodness! I’ve been looking forward to chomping my electronic Wheaties. On today’s menu: recommendations so good for

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South Africa & MFA

Currently reading: Freedom Rising: Life Under Apartheid Through the Eyes of an American on a Four-Year Clandestine Journey Through Southern Africa, James North Living Under Apartheid, David M. Smith ed. The Portable MFA in Creative Writing, The New York Writers

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