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Feeding Frenzy – Serial Novel Experiment

Starting October 31, I will be combining my love of experiment with Wattpad and NaNoWrimo to do something new. As a result I will not be blogging much about creativity. I’ll be too busy getting up at 5:00 am every

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Podcasting and Writing Plays

I have been less active on this blog lately because I’m starting a new podcasting project. I’m going to be podcasting my novel, “Marmalade, Cat Detective,” at my new Marmalade Cat Detective blog. I also have a long-term plan for

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Drama Blog and Cat Detective Blog

I’m busy promoting book fair at my school and with Word on the Street Toronto coming up, this fall it’s all about the books. I’ve even started a couple of new blogs recently. This funny blog, for kids and imaginative

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Shameless Ego Boosting

I recently added a new gadget to my blog. If you scroll to the very bottom, you’ll see a map which records the location of blog visitors. Lately I have been getting about 10 readers a day. I assumed, until

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Updated Format

It may not look changed but I’ve updated my blog. I’ve switched to the newest Blogger toolkit and updated the Feedburner link. Unfortunately, I lost my nice visitor counter. My stats are nothing compared to many blogs but I still

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Sabbatical Year Blog

When you were a kid did you read everything? I did: books, street signs, magazines, comic books, newspapers. My parents could hardly get me away from text long enough to feed me. When I did finally get to the table

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