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alumnaetheatre.com is a vibrant Toronto theatre which specializes in producing the work of female playwrights and actors. The “Alum,” as members call it, holds a special place in my heart because of the annual New Ideas festival which presents series of short plays.

The Great March has ended

Eulalie and the Great March

2007_031217-18March0008Originally uploaded by cerealboxreader. It’s finally over! “Eulalie and the Great March” drew a decent crowd and some thoughtful comments during the talkback. The playwright should be pleased. I taped the show but I have been having computer problems that

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Black Sashes speak for us

P1050072AOriginally uploaded by TeleChrome.

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New Ideas Festival 2007

P1050079AOriginally uploaded by TeleChrome. New Ideas

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From “Eulalie and the Great March”

Gabrielle encourages Eulalie. .

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Crispy crunchy return

Thanks to “Anonymous” for your comment. This is a site on the Internet that could have been designed for me. Use it to name your own cereal. I’ve chosen the obvious but you don’t have to. Try the link and

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Now listening to — Monologues

I haven’t been blogging lately due to computer problems. They are not completely fixed but I’m posting anyway. I spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening plus all day today casting a play. I haven’t been reading much, but I did

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Judith Thompson — Perfect Pie

I went to see the Alumni Theatre production of Perfect Pie, directed by Paul Hardy. Judith Thompson has won two Governor General’s Awards for her plays, plus a handful of other writing prizes for stage and radio. As we were

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Alumni Theatre — New Ideas & Why I love Rabelais

I answered a call for directors for the New Ideas Festival at the Alumni Theatre in Toronto. There are three weeks of one-act plays plus longer “Saturday Experiments.” The process is intense. Playwrights send their plays or works-in-progress to the

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