Cliffhanger Castle

Do you love chapters that end in shocking revelations or with heroes in jeopardy? Find out how some of the best writers on Wattpad are rising to a new challenge.


This project is a paranormal thriller with a twist – author collaboration. If you have ever wanted to read a suspense novel that combines mystery with lots of surprises, this innovative serial is for you.

Authors display their unique styles as they get our heroes in and out of peril. You’ll never look at an abandoned building the same way.

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Cliffhanger Castle: Chapter One

He was being followed. Austen picked up the pace, but the footsteps behind him sped up too. He could cross to the other side of the street, but in this abandoned, tumbleweed town, there was no doubt who they were after. The Zombie Slingers wanted him dead. Running ahead, looking for cover, Austen searched for …

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Media: Cliffhanger Castle

I’m hosting a collection of links to images and historical information related to the Secret Special Project: Guild Inn and Park History and Pictures. Guild Park and the abandoned Guild Inn inspire the setting for Cliffhanger Castle. Once associated with the Group of Seven, everything has existed on these grounds from a military barracks, to an …

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