Drawing Dinosaurs for Father’s Day

Drawing Dinos For Father’s Day and Golf Jokes

Drawing in pencil and marker.
Day 2, Sketchbook 1. Chris Fox + Unicorn and Dinosaur.

One the second day of my drawing adventures, I sketched  a unicorn from a Draw So Cute video.  After that, I drew whatever was on the kitchen table: my hand, a vase, a person etc. I’ve been told you can’t learn to draw cartoons until you can draw from life but I shan’t be creating eternal works of genius. I love funny but lack the guts or speed for stand-up comedy. Why not do cartoons?

With that in mind, I bought myself a handful of plastic dinosaurs. I miss Gary Larson  and the Far Side comics. He did great dinosaurs. One of my favorites showed a huddle of shifty-looking dinosaurs smoking. The caption was: “The real reason dinosaurs became extinct.”

With Father’s Day around the corner, and my athletic Dad in mind, I can think of only one thing more dangerous to dinosaurs than smoking: Golfing.

Dinosaurs Can Ruin a Foursome

Here are some ideas for panels to draw on a paleolithic golf course. There should be volcanoes and palm trees and dragonflies like helicopters. In fact, maybe some of the sports commentary can be broadcast from up in a dragonfly helicopter.

The real reason dinosaurs went extinct

  • Dinos couldn’t get out of the sand trap (show dinos sinking, as if into a tar pit)
  • Dinos couldn’t hack the water hazards (show dinos floating out to sea)
  • Dinos couldn’t hit it out of the rough (as they look for lost balls in the tall grass, dinos wearing plus fours get ambushed by tough dinos )
  • Dinos lacked drive (show T-Rex unable to swing the club low enough to hit the ball off the tee)

Day 3 Update

Here they are, Father’s Day cartoons for my golf-crazy Dad’s card. They’re not great art but my Dad will like them…

Father's Day Card
Outside of card








T-Rex has shrimpy arms and can't golf drawing
Weak Drive and no follow through
Dino Golf etiquette drawing
Coarse Etiquette.
Sand traps killed the dinosaurs drawing
Sand Traps
Water Hazards killed the dinosaurs drawing
Water Hazards