Draw 360 Journal

They Told Me Not to Bother

Do you wish you could draw? I’ve  always envied artists but my medium is words. I yearned to create cartoons when I was younger but the task felt too daunting. Everywhere I looked, slick graphics and flawless art mocked my lame attempts.

In high school, I loved art but never got A’s like the talented students. As an adult, friends advised me it would take years of dedication to become an artist. 

So, I did the sensible thing and gave up.  Writing was my goal. Dabbling in art would just dilute my focus.

Over the years, the desire to draw cartoons waxed and waned but wouldn’t croak.

Draw 360

My Mother has an art degree so I asked her how long she thought it would take to learn to draw.

“About a year, if you draw every day.”

Really? That’s it?

Today, I went to the dollar store and bought my first sketch book. As long as I keep my expectations low and just do the work, what do I have to lose?

I hope you will follow me on my journey.

Day One  Drawing: Liv from iZombie

Liv -- Day 1 -- 365 Draw means I will draw a picture daily for a year
This is the first page of my very first sketchbook. I plan to draw every day for a year.

I’m a big fan of iZombie. What I didn’t realize until tonight was how interesting the lighting is on that show. This picture shows Liz against a light background in a very dark room. If I had proper drawing pencils the result would have been much darker but I’ll take it. The purpose of this exercise isn’t to critique the drawing (I’m not ready for that yet) but to concentrate on enjoying the process.

Are You an Artist?

I’m going to try to post my pictures on Deviant Art. If you post work there,  please direct me to your cartoons. I’d love to learn from looking at your pictures.

If you are a newbie too, I’d love to share the journey with you. When I do  National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) it’s encouraging to know people all over the world are writing 1600+ words per day,  just like me. This drawing challenge will be twelve times longer. Feel free to share any tips or encouragement.

360 Days of Drawing

Day 2: Drawing Dinosaurs for Father’s Day