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Sep 02

Orca Soundings – Exposure

I recently read Exposure by Patricia Murdoch. Orca Soundings is a high-interest teen fiction series. Exposure is a novel with a reading level of 2.8+. I am always interested in Canadian publishers of young adult fiction so when I saw it on the teen shelf in the library, how could I resist? The story suits …

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Aug 10

Dystopians need challenges too

Meandering about the blogosphere, I found the Dystopian Challenge. Lisa at Books.Lists.Life even supplies a handy link to Wikipedia definitions and a Dystopian Reading List. Many of my favorite high school reads are listed: A Clockwork Orange, Handmaid’s Tale, 1984, Brave_New_World, Fahrenheit_451, Animal_Farm, plus William Gibson’s cyberpunk novels like Neuromancer, Idoru and Mona Lisa Overdrive. …

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Aug 04

Breakfast with the Ones You Love

Eliot Fintushel is known for his short stories in magazines such as Asimov’s, Analog, Strange Horizons and Amazing Stories. Fintushel has been nominated for the Nebula and Theodore Sturgeon Awards. I enjoyed Fintushel’s teen novel, Breakfast with the Ones You Love. It features many of my favorite story elements: a charismatic heroine hiding behind a …

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Mar 12


M.T. Anderson‘s Feed is a young adult (14+) dystopia. In it, three quarters of humanity, those with money to spend, have a ‘feed’ interface in their brains. Implanted when they are very young, the feed supplied through this wetware allows them to look up facts, chat each other without typing on a computer and receive …

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