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Aug 24

Bios by Robert Charles Wilson

To inform my current novel-in-progress, I went to all the vendors at WorldCon, requesting books of biological takeover and spores from outer space. Bios was one of the recommendations. There is a much more thorough review here, which you might want to look at, since I read Bios with impure motives. This is half-review, half encouragement …

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Aug 21

@ontent by Cory Doctorow

If you like SF or issues of fair use for intellectual property, it’s likely you have read some of Doctorow’s opinion pieces online. If you haven’t, he has collected many of his previously published essays into book form, which is free to download. I bought an autographed, paper copy of @ontent at WorldCon. I’m old-fashioned …

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Aug 18

WorldCon – Aug 6-10

From WorldCon I went into preparation mode for a weekend spent at the cottage with friends. I did some writing and read a book to review (more about that in a later post) but I haven’t felt like blogging about WorldCon. The experience was too overwhelming to sort out in a week. I got lost …

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Jul 23

About SF free workshop at World Con in Montreal

Anticipation is the name of World Con this year. It is being held in Montreal and I am very excited to be going. I am not a regular convention attendee but after having a great time at Ad Astra this year, I decided I could not miss the opportunity to see the 67th World Science …

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Apr 04

Ad Adstra and Inspiration

I’ve taken a long hiatus from this blog, mostly because of school. This year I’m directing my new play, “Invisible Aliens Stole My Gym Shorts.” Between school, the play and having a home life, I haven’t blogged since the fall. Another reason is that one of my students came across this anonymous blog! At first …

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Aug 22

I won! Thanks Cee Cee.

Cee Cee at Booksplurge announced the winners of her book giveaway. I have won a book called GERM just for entering her contest. It looks like an ideal addition to my Dystopian Challenge list. A friend in Australia read my list and made a few suggestions of his own: The Crysalids, Day of the Triffids …

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Aug 10

Dystopians need challenges too

Meandering about the blogosphere, I found the Dystopian Challenge. Lisa at Books.Lists.Life even supplies a handy link to Wikipedia definitions and a Dystopian Reading List. Many of my favorite high school reads are listed: A Clockwork Orange, Handmaid’s Tale, 1984, Brave_New_World, Fahrenheit_451, Animal_Farm, plus William Gibson’s cyberpunk novels like Neuromancer, Idoru and Mona Lisa Overdrive. …

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Jul 30

Draft #1 — Done!

I’m almost afraid to read it today but this is it. I’ve finished the first draft of my novel. It’s actually my third novel-length manuscript but does my first, desk drawer effort, count? How about the one I wrote in my sleep for the “Three day novel contest?” This, of course, is the big one. …

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Mar 12


M.T. Anderson‘s Feed is a young adult (14+) dystopia. In it, three quarters of humanity, those with money to spend, have a ‘feed’ interface in their brains. Implanted when they are very young, the feed supplied through this wetware allows them to look up facts, chat each other without typing on a computer and receive …

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Dec 29

Literary Spec Fic — Descant 122

Currently reading: Descant 122, Fall 2003, Volume 34, Number 3. Descant is one of those recherchĂ© words, beloved of literary magazines. The editors of these publications eschew titles like ‘Bob’s lit mag,’ often in favour of fancy language. In my opinion, “descant” wins the prize for most esoteric. Not only did I have to look …

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